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Xenoula is Romy Xeno. A childhood spent in South Africa provided Romy with a deep affinity for flora, fauna and the tranquil rhythms of nature. This, of course, contrasted emphatically with the bustling, machine-driven world she encountered upon moving to the UK at the age of 16.

The culture shock and collision of two contrasting worlds inspired her to make music as a way of communicating her feelings about her new surroundings to the crowds of people she instinctively shied away from. Very firmly an exploration of nature and human contradictions, Xenoula’s music not only fuses elemental South African folk and urban industrial beats, but also sits within the realm of the ethereal and mysterious.

Having retreated to the quieter climes of north Wales, Romy teamed up with producer Sam Dust (aka LA Priest) to work on her self-titled debut album, which was released in November 2017. Ranging from the brooding electric clouds of ‘Chief of Tin’ to the sun-warped bassline pop of ‘Caramello’, Xenoula’s debut is covered in shape-shifting sonic textures and ground-shaking rhythms.

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