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About Group are the quartet formed of John Coxon (Spring Heel Jack, Spiritualized), Charles Hayward (This Heat, Camberwell Now), Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip) and Pat Thomas. The group is characterised by their balance of songwriting, and a real spirit of improvised performance - so much so that the four piece had never played together as a whole before the day it took them to record their debut album for the Treader label in 2009. Their sound is defined by beautiful and odd electronic textures and brilliantly  deliberate drums, underpining fragile but deliberate performances of sad songs and country ballads.

About Group’s second album, and first for Domino, was 2011’s ‘Start and Complete’. The majority of the songs were written by Taylor, and only presented to the other members of the band a few days before recording - the idea being that no one band member would know the songs well enough to have specific parts, or be prevented from playing something like the first ideas that came into their head. This experimental method also crossed over into their third album ‘Between The Walls’ (2013), and was aided by a rotating line-up of instruments.

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